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Quality mattresses, family-owned since 1922.

Four Mattress Collections: Find Your Perfect Sleep

With four distinctive mattress collections to choose from, White Dove has a solution for everyone that can put you on a path to better, more comfortable sleep. Each White Dove mattress is built through the science of continuous comfort, with high-quality materials engineered to deliver maximum comfort and durability. The end product is a mattress that reflects the craftsmanship and dedication to an exquisite sleep experience that a century of service brings. 

The fabrics we select are engineered to keep your mattress surface at just the right temperature—not too hot, not too cold. Individually wrapped internal coils reduce motion transfer, and our higher-than-average coil count helps relieve body pressure points through gentle, consistent support.

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Our higher-density foams are designed to cushion, comfort and relieve pressure points without sinking too low and causing pain or difficulty getting in and out of bed. Thicker cell walls in our foam mean consistent, gentle support every single sleep, with no deep body impressions.

All White Dove mattresses are engineered for use with electric power bases, if desired. Or learn more about our White Dove mattress foundations, constructed with sturdy Amish wood.

We don’t just make mattresses. We solve sleep issues.

The Best of the Best

100th Anniversary Mattress

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Luxury at Home

Hotel Classic Collection

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Two-Sided Support

Duality Collection

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The Ultimate Back Support

Cambridge Collection

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Exceptional Materials and Maximum Durability

Atlas Collection

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Restful Support and Comfort

Generations Collection

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Better materials, superior quality. That’s the White Dove promise.

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Durability Defined: Extensively tested for enduring support and daily comfort

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Comfort for Life: High-density foams mean no deep body impressions

25 year warranty

Warranty: Warranties range from 10-25 years depending on collection/model

Bringing peace to a hectic world.