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Caring for Your White Dove Mattress

Every White Dove Mattress is designed to be durable and comfortable for years.

If cared for properly, your mattress will bring you many years of blissful, comfortable relaxation and sleep. 

Proper care and usage are also important to stay within the guidelines of your White Dove Mattress warranty. 

You may be injured or may damage the mattress.


Do’s and Dont’s with Your White Dove Mattress


  • DO Turn your mattress regularly: Cycle A for a one-sided mattress, Cycle B for a two-sided mattress. These guidelines are developed to optimize your mattress performance and help it adjust to those who lie upon it without forming deep body impressions:
    • Turn your mattress every two weeks for the first six months
    • Turn once a month after the first six months, for the life of the mattress
  • DO Carry your mattress on its side: it’s easier to manage and less likely to cause damage or be damaged.
  • DO Keep your bedding clean. Soiling or staining a mattress will invalidate the warranty. Use of a mattress pad can be helpful if you are worried about stains.
  • DO Get a new foundation. If you replace a mattress, you should also replace the foundation or box springs. Old box springs lose their support and putting a new mattress on top of them can cause sagging. Improper support for a new White Dove Mattress (such as using old box springs) will invalidate your warranty.
  • DO Use a metal bed frame. For beds other than a twin size, the use of a rigid center support is required.


  • DON’T bend your mattress more than 40 degrees as you can damage the innerspring design. Flex instead of bending it when navigating corners. Do not pull up the corners to put on fitted sheets. Note: these limitations do not apply to mattresses that are approved for use on power foundations/adjustable bases.
  • DON’T allow anyone to jump or stand on the mattress.
  • DON’T allow your White Dove Mattress to get wet.
  • DON’T smoke in bed or place the mattress near an open flame. White Dove Mattresses are manufactured as required by law to be resistant to lighted cigarettes and open flames, but they are not fireproof or flame-proof.

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