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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a White Dove Mattress different?

Put simply, we believe our commitment to using better-quality raw materials makes for a better mattress. A better mattress means more comfortable sleep every night. Details like hand tufting, high-density foams and thicker slats make our mattresses a high-quality investment that will last for years.

Are White Dove Mattresses made in the USA?

Yes, our mattresses are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the United States, with American steel coils and Amish wood bases. Some of our employees have been with us for decades, which shows the passion and dedication we put into employing American workers.

Do you make box springs?

Rather than a traditional box spring, which is a combination of wood and wire, White Dove Foundations are built with heavy-duty Amish wood, nailed together (not stapled, like some other brands) for a solidly constructed, squeak-free sleep every night. Our “go anywhere” foundation design lets you assemble and disassemble the foundation in minutes, which allows for easy removal and transport. This is particularly helpful if you have tight corners in your home.

What does “high-density foam” mean?

The foams we use in White Dove Mattresses are specifically designed to be 20-50% better than the industry standard. Lower-quality mattresses have more air in their foam, and their foam has smaller cell walls, meaning it’s not as sturdy. The air bubbles in foam get compressed repeatedly when you lie on them each night, crushing the cells or holes. When you have weak cells, they can’t bounce back over time, and eventually, you get a deep body impression that makes your mattress uncomfortable and unsupportive.

These more cheaply produced mattresses are designed to only feel good for a short time. When they wear out, you have to buy another one and then another and another if you want to keep a supportive, comfortable feel. Our mattresses are built with a higher density foam weight per pound, giving you an investment in a quality product that will last and stay consistently comfortable.

What does “body impression” mean?

Like the inside of a favorite shoe, in time, a shoe molds to your foot, creating custom comfort and fit. But over time, the support disappears from your body weight and repeated wear. Without proper support, you can develop foot, ankle and leg pain. We find that many other mattress companies produce a mattress that’s like a shoe that wears out quickly. That impression in the mattress gets deeper and deeper, causing an unsupported, sinking feeling that can lead to back pain, a “rolling out of the bed” feel where the impression rises and falls, and uncomfortable, tossing-and-turning sleep.

Most mattresses will get a deep body impression in time—1.5 or even 2 inches, so companies that sell them don’t offer a lengthy warranty. White Dove guarantees no deep body impressions for all our mattresses. In fact, our sturdiest mattress, Atlas, has an industry-busting ½-inch body impression guarantee. To not exceed that depth over 25 years takes good, solid construction.

What’s the warranty on a White Dove Mattress?

White Dove offers a tiered warranty structure ranging from 10-25 years depending on whether you want to focus more on value or longevity in your mattress, offering flexibility in your commitment. 

Is a White Dove the same as Sealy, Simmons or Serta mattresses?

White Dove mattresses can only be purchased through our selected retail partners. We do not offer a cheaply produced, off-brand product that would be sold at a mass retailer that may look or feel similar to a White Dove.

Many mattresses sold in big box stores might initially look and feel like an expensive mattress. You can’t see the differences in the store unless you are an experienced mattress professional. They cut corners and take shortcuts to make the mattress cheaper. Less durable material here, cheaper foam there, cut a tiny bit of width from this side or that piece, use a cheaper fill. These differences become obvious once you buy the cheaper mattress and lay on it night after night.

Cheaper mattresses are not built to last. We don’t want to fool our customers by offering a knock-off product elsewhere for cheaper, we want to build customers for a lifetime through a trusted relationship of delivering a high-quality product. You may be a customer who shops with us less often as you don’t have to keep replacing a cheaper-made mattress, but with an appreciation of the quality and value you get with a White Dove, we are proud to see our customers return when it’s finally time to invest anew in another high-quality, long-life mattress. 

I’m sold. Do I have to go to a store?

You can choose to buy directly from us online, however White Dove also has several regional retail partners. Find a list of White Dove retail partners near you

What if I don’t have a White Dove retailer near me?

Buying a White Dove Mattress has just become even easier, you can order directly from our website and we’ll ship to your door in 10 – 14 days. If you choose White Glove set-up services our service partners will even help you with set-up and removal of your old mattress. Online orders are protected by a 120 night sleep trial.

What if I don’t love my mattress?

Of course we hope you love your mattress, but if you need to make a return or exchange you have a few options. For online purchases you have a 120 night sleep trial that allows you to sleep on your new mattress and if you don’t love it we’ll pick it up and refund the cost of the mattress. For in-store purchases you’ll need to work with the retailer and comply with their return or exchange policies.

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