Freshness, wear and comfort always in balance.

Duality by White Dove provides all the comfort, quality and durability of the White Dove Classic Collection with the added flexibility of a two-sided sleep surface. Experience the contouring feel of high density foams blended with a range of supportive innerspring systems atop specially crafted Amish built wood foundations. The two-sided sleep surface offers flexibility and continued balance of comfort ensuring long-lasting durability and superior support.


With Duality, experience the traditional feel of a two-sided mattress. And you can flip your mattress to ensure long term comfort and a great night’s sleep for years to come. With a wide range of models and comfort choices, you can find the Duality model that is just right for you.

Foam Encased InnerACT™ Zoned Innerspring System

Automatically adjusting smart coils provide proper support, perfect balance and gentle comfort

Luxury Foam Encased Wrapped Innerspring System

Provides ultimate comfort and long-lasting support while minimizing motion transfer

High Density Foams

High quality, high density 1.8 lb. and higher foams provide enhanced support and unmatched durability while minimizing body impressions

Amish Crafted Wood Foundations

Built to last, delivering exceptional quality and durability at an affordable price

390 Coil Bonnell
Innerspring System
416 Coil High Profile
Bonnell Innerspring System
650 Coil Foam Encased
InnerAct™ Zoned
Innerspring System
800 Coil Foam Encased
InnerAct™ Zoned
Innerspring System
Luxury Foam Encased
800 Coil Wrapped
Innerspring System
High Density 1.8 lb.
Polyurethane Foam
Amish Crafted
Wood Foundation
Luxury Comfort
Stretch Knit Fabric
Vertical Cloth Handles
for Mattress Turning